Youth Development Academy

Wildflyer Coffee is more than just a coffee company. Using coffee as a vehicle to fulfill our mission, we provide a 9-month employment training and life skills program comprised of experiential learning through paid employment and classroom sessions focused on independent living skills.

Start Right : month 1

Youth learn the basic soft skills and coffee knowledge needed to be effective baristas and employees. Training focuses on logistics of running the coffee cart, brew methods, knowledge of coffee selections and menu offerings and maintaining a clean work space. Youth also engage in training specific to cultivating customer service and other core employment skills, such as appropriate appearance at work, communication with managers, teamwork, time management and task prioritization.

Learning: Months 2-7

The core of our program is a focus on an intensive personal and professional development curriculum. Based off of the nationally renowned Casey Life Skills Assessment, our youth participate in weekly life skills groups focused around the core concepts of Relationships & Communication, Daily Living, Self Care, Housing & Money Management, Work & Study Life, Career & Education Planning, and Planning for the future.

Activate: Months 8-9

The final two months prepare youth to exit the program and transition into post-program employment. Youth work with program management to identify career and educational goals and to formulate a plan to successfully transition into their next place of employment. 

Post Program

Youth are eligible to receive a year of post-program follow-up. Program managers work to develop relationships with local businesses who will hire our youth, and then serve as a resource to ensure a smooth transition into post-program employment.