We Are Wildflyer

In case you’ve missed the buzz: we’ve rebranded! From now on, your favorite group of over-caffeinated punks will go by the name of Wildflyer Coffee. Gutter Punk Coffee is now gone, but will never be forgotten.

In some ways, this was a long-time coming. We first started talking about a new name in May of 2018. The idea was scrapped until January of 2019 when we decided to move forward with a total overhaul of our current branding. This was not an easy decision -- being GPC was how we made our vision into a mission. It was how we got our start, and it was what everyone knew us by. However, as we continued to engage in conversations around our hopes for the future of both our company and our youth and how we wanted the world to view them, we decided we needed a new name. A name that better encapsulates everything we see and want for the young people we have the honor of working with. A name that spoke to the future of our company. A name we could build off of.

When “Wildflyer” first entered the picture, it was one of ten options that we felt had potential but did not yet love. Then, the name became intriguing. We soaked it in, tossed it around and began to resonate more and more with the emotion behind it. Finally, during a day of deliberation with our marketing company, we were asked to envision the new company swag on our employees and to consider what we wanted those shirts to say about the youth. Wildflyer clicked immediately.

Our youth are, plainly put, wildflyers. They have untamed hearts, sky-high dreams, unlimited amounts of hope, perseverance, and grit. They can, and will, fly high. That is how we want the world to look at our youth; to see their hearts, their dreams, and their unflinching determination to move out of homelessness and into stability, freedom, and a future of their own choosing. We want the world to recognize that our youth are wildflyers.

Better yet, we can all be wildflyers. Supporting the young birds’ flight gets you an automatic invitation to be a part of this collection of free-spirited souls. Join the movement. Help youth soar. Watch us bend the arc of tomorrow.

Gutter Punk Coffee