Your gift goes directly to helping us fulfill our mission of creating employment opportunities and cultivating life skills for youth experiencing housing instability and homelessness. Thank you for making our work possible, and for choosing to invest in the lives of our employees. We value you and your partnership as we work to not only eradicate youth homelessness, but to create space for young people to thrive as they leave homelessness behind.

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As of right now I see myself becoming more professional because GPC has taught me to be patient, learn how to work in fast paced environments, and also how to work with and get along with people that have different personalities. I feel like I’ve become more efficient altogether, but more when it comes to being on time for work. And the last thing GPC taught me was how to talk to people. When I first came I wasn’t really sure what to say and how to say it but now I have a couple different things I can say or ask customers just to engage in conversation with them
— Akiyah